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International Relationship

Zambia Federation of Employers is affiliated to the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) whose headquarters are based in Geneva Switzerland and is also an affiliate of the Pan African Employers Confederation (PEC) whose headquarters is in Mauritius. The Federation collaborates with Employers’ organisations in East, Central and Southern Africa. ZFE like Government and the Congress of Trade Unions is a constituency of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and therefore, participates in most ILO Programmes which include attending the ILO Annual General Conference in Geneva where several issues on employment and industrial development are discussed. International Labour Standards popularly known as ILO Conventions and Recommendations are discussed and approved at this meeting. All Employers in the world willing to attend this meeting are at liberty to do so provided that they are members of the Federation of Employers in their respective countries. It will be encouraging therefore, if a number of Employers in Zambia will develop interest in attending this conference since the conference determines the labour standards which impact on employers.