ZFE offers the following services to its general membership:

  •  General information and advice on labour matters
  •  Assistance at Union Negotiations
  •  Appearance before the Industrial Relations Court;
  • Settlement of Industrial Disputes
  • Lobbying Government on Labour and Business legislation;
  •  Representation at Local and International Conferences
  •  Occasional information up-date papers
  •  Lobbying Government on policy formulation


  1.  Preparing negotiation briefs for Management;
  2.  Holding seminars to discuss relevant issues of the day, such as the implications of any changes in labour legislation;
  3.  Provisions of training courses in Labour Management, (Collective Bargaining, Discipline and Grievance handling,)
  4. General Management and Time Management Skills and Techniques
  5.  Training in Productivity Management;
  6. Arrangements for short-term courses for members at home and abroad;
  7. Entrepreneurship Development Programme;
  8.  Library services.
  9.  Formulation of HIV/AIDS Work place policy
  10.  Formulation of General Condition of service
  11. Drawing up employment contracts
  12.  Formulation of Disciplinary Code of Conduct
  13.  Awareness raising on Child Labour