Employers speak out on racism.

THE Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) says it strongly condemns any form of racial remarks and violation of labour laws by foreign investors.
ZFE executive director Harrington Chibanda said it is wrong for any employer to practise racism at the workplace because this is not allowed in Zambia. It is wrong to practise racism at the workplace and employees should come on board and report workers rights violations, Mr Chibanda said.
Mr Chibanda said that workers should know that the law protects them if they become victims of circumstances once they whistle -blow any issue surrounding their rights being trampled upon by employers.
He said ZFE has over the years condemned any workers’ rights violation, including sexual harassment at the workplace.
And speaking at a press briefing yesterday, ZFE president Tyson Chisambo said that 2016 has been a year with notable happenings for the organisation.
Mr Chisambo said one of the notable happenings is that the organisation honoured two former gallant leaders for their contributions to the birth and growth of Zambia.
He said that Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Dr Frederick Chiluba – both former presidents of Zambia – were honoured as the organisation celebrated 50 years of existence.
Mr Chisambo noted Government’s plan to create over 100,000 formal and informal jobs by the end of 2017, which he said was possible.
He said that it must, however, be realised that the current economic shocks that are currently being experienced which will spill over into 2017 were not experienced in the years 2012 to 2014